As Debt Collectors and Process Servers, we are often seen as the bad guys, at least in the debtor’s eyes. 

This week however, when a member of our debt recovery team attended a Judgment Settlement conference, the Judgment Debtor made a specific note of thanks to our Process Server Steph for the way she approached, handled and communicated with them.

As with a lot of debt recovery matters, the Judgment Debtor is often pursued by several other creditors and collectors at the same time. However given the manner in which Steph served the documents, the Judgment Debtor saw fit to settle this matter with our client, before any of the others.

In our industry, when the person being pursued is both happy and impressed by your service, then it’s a massive pat on the back. In fact, you don’t get many debtors saying “Thank You.”

So great work Steph. It just goes to prove that ‘You can catch more flies with honey!’

SWA Group Catching Flies

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  • I have told my team that whenever the Banks reputation or position is at risk refer the file to SWA

    IA National Credit Manger Westpac

  • Yep! we are super happy with that result as well, good work!

    Tim (AIS)

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    SB – Senior Associate, Denton

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