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As process servers, we are often asked. “How do I serve divorce papers?”  Over the past weeks, we have noticed an increase in people doing their own divorces. We are not sure if it is a result of the current COVID 19 isolation policy or if it’s just that people are at home with more time on their hand.

We wish to point out, we are not lawyers and normally advise people to at least talk to a lawyer before they start preceding. Generally, due to the cost factor, they choose to go it alone.

The Family Court

 In many cases, these people have never dealt with the court system before, let alone the Family Court.

 As a result, we are often asked to serve documents that have not been filed, are incomplete, or are simply the wrong documents, to begin with. As previously stated, while we are not solicitors, and cannot give any legal advice, we do try to assist them with the process.

A FREE guide to serving divorce papers

To answer this growing need, SWA has now produced a FREE step-by-step brochure – ’How To Serve Your Family Law Documents?”, that assists people on how to access the court system, create and file their documents, and instruct the process server. 

 It also provides information on what you can expect in terms of turnaround time, costs, and contact from our office.

So if you need your family law documents served correctly, and would like a free copy of the brochure, then please email us at (FREE brochure)

  Or call us on 1300 557 864

 Let us at least take some of the stress out of the process!  To instruct us, please click on this link and follow the promotes (Instruct us)

We look forward to helping you. Please do not forget our FREE 30 min consultation.

FREE guide to serving divorce papers

  • We are continually amazed at the results SWA gets on our Mortgage files. We so often have Defendant disappear due to a short falls on the sales of the properties… Read More

    SB – Senior Associate, Denton

  • I have told my team that whenever the Banks reputation or position is at risk refer the file to SWA

    IA National Credit Manger Westpac

  • Your team gets 10 gold stars! Well done on the 100% KPIs of the last 18 months, super amazing effort! Please pass on our thanks to your team.

    Sharni Thomas (GM – Field Service, Probe Group)

  • Yep! we are super happy with that result as well, good work!

    Tim (AIS)

  • Having you guys working with us is like having our own magic fairies. You just make stuff happen!

    Alicia Hickey, Shine Lawyers

  • Just want to send you and the process serving & skips teams a big thank you for all the skips trace and legal work for this debtor… 435 days in… Read More

    Margaret Brown (G&C Bank)

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