When it comes to selecting a process server, it can be like rolling the dice.

 Process Serving.


In 2019 we witnessed several cases, particularly in NSW,  where unlicensed, uninsured people had been serving documents and charging fees.

In 2020 you must select a process server you can trust not only to serve your documents but who can deliver additional support service. 

This Q & A is to help you to ensure the process servers you select are licenced, insured and capable of delivering the services they offer.

Q1. Is your process server licenced?

  • When was the last time you checked our agent’s licence? Are they licensed to deliver the service you need?
  • Not all states require process servers to be licensed, so check! If not, they should be members of an industry body such as the “Institute of Mercantile Agents Limited”, http://imal.com.au, most reputable agencies are.

Q2. Are you able to upload your documents securely to the process server?

  • We are not talking about emails. We’re talking fully secured links between the process server and you. Secure access is especially crucial for banking & insurance organisations that hold confidential & private information on customers.

Q3. Can the process server answer your questions?

  • Call them and talk to their staff (if they answer their phone!!), if the staff can’t give you an answer to a question, forget them! The way in which they communicate often reflects the training they are provided.

Q4. What experience does your process server have?

  • Ask about their experience, find out how long they have been in business. What is an area of expertise? Have they the ability to put together detailed affidavits in the event service becomes difficult and substituted service may be required?

Q5. Can your process server provide detailed reports and timely updates if things get difficult or protracted?

  • Detail reporting and affidavits are where most process serving firms come unstuck. Very few can deal with difficult serves, give up far too quickly and fail to report to the client. The ability to put together detailed reports & affidavits for courts is another skill that most lack.

 Q6. Does your process server have extra support facilities?

  • Process serving in 2020 is more than just knocking on doors. Services such as skip tracing, surveillance team or database access to help locate information and people efficiently are essential. These should be prerequisite for any agency you select. Our Magical Results

 Q7. Can they deliver?

  • Make sure they cover the area where you need your documents served. Often, they will on forward documents to other agents and charge you an additional fee for sending it. It is best to deal with an agency that has multiple offices. You need to check as this is a common practice and can save you $’s.

 Q8. What is their history?

  • Check websites. A company’s website can help establish their legitimacy. The site will give you more insight into the values of the people who you may be engaging.

Q9. What do others say? A Sprinkling of Fairy Dust

  • Look for testimonials. A trusted process serving company should have letters of recommendation and testimonials. These will give you great insight into their customer service.

Q10. Does the process server hold certification?

  • If not, find one that does! It protects you, your data, and your privacy. ISO Compliance is Critical
  • ISO 9001 (Practice Management) or ISO 27001 (data security) should be industry norms

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Process Serving

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