Last Monday SWA Group CEO Steve Wallis was interviewed on Rebecca Levingston’s ABC Brisbane’s Morning Show to talk about how people disappear in Australia.

Steve started off in the green room, which ironically is red, and sat with Jonathon Sri, Brisbane’s only Greens councillor, a nice guy who shares his love of boats. They both agreed people should take a leaf out of the way boaties can live off the grid with power, water and waste. Just goes to show we all have common ground.

Then to top it off, Australian music legend Paul Kelly walked in and had a quick chat. He said Steve had a very interesting job. That’s before he was whisked away by minders, PR people and station staff. And dammit, Steve missed out on grabbing a selfie!

Paul was promoting his new book on poetry, and he thought Steve had an interesting job!

Anyway, the interview covered many factors involved in the tracking down of missing persons, and Steve shared some of the SWA success stories along the way.

Hope you enjoy the interview – 

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Interview on ABC Radio Brisbane

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  • Yep! we are super happy with that result as well, good work!

    Tim (AIS)

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    IA National Credit Manger Westpac

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    Hon Sing MAH (Eric) Private Client

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