Whether it’s repossessing motor vehicles, plant and equipment, or property, we have the expertise

There’s no doubt that continually changing laws and regulations make it increasingly difficult for creditors to recover and repossess assets. Rules covering the role and activities of repossession agents are also constantly changing. Rest assured, our clients can be absolutely confident that agents they instruct will not only recover their assets but are also fully aware of their responsibilities under all legislative requirements for repossession services.
What you will receive when using SWA repossession services:

  • Ability to load instructions and documents directly to our encrypted Database
  • Secure access to your files, reports, invoices and photos
  • Experienced, qualified and insured agents
  • Regular client updates
  • Detailed condition reports
  • Digital photography of assets
  • Locate and repossess assets

Mortgage Repossession Service

We provide a complete mortgage repossession and property recovery service to the Banking and Finance, Legal and Property sectors. We can arrange for documents to be issued and served quickly and efficiently directly from our offices should you not have the resources to issue and track the process. Our mortgage repossession service extends from initial foreclosure and eviction notices to property lockup and condition reports, through to the sale of the property and collection of any shortfall.

In addition to our normal repossession services, we provide an asset write off facility. This allows you, at no charge, to instruct us to locate and recover an asset that has been written off.  This is a specialist service. The only time you pay is when we successfully recover and sell the security on your behalf. At which time you pay any costs plus commission on the sale price.

Special Accounts

SWA specialise in locating difficult accounts and repossessing the security. This is often after multiple agents have had the accounts prior to us. Consequently, our clients are always impressed by how we get results when others have failed. Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients.

In some cases, our clients write off accounts as a lost cause but the security is often still out there. SWA take on these accounts under special arrangements. Call us and find out more. The only thing it will change is your bottom line!

Don’t get caught by agents who do not understand or respect the possible consequences of acting in an incorrect manner

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission does not make any allowances for clients who are unwittingly let down by an agent.

Repossession is an area in which the team at SWA Recovery and Investigation Group excel. No matter where in Australia, we have an experienced operator. A specialist that can deliver the best possible outcomes to both the financier and the customer. It’s not always about repossessing a security. It’s also about establishing the circumstances behind the arrears. Then how to assist the customer in negotiating their way out of a difficult situation.

Why instruct SWA Recovery and Investigation Group?

Put simply, Trust and Results. Clearly, your organisation values its reputation and is focused on results. Whether it’s the negotiations to bring accounts back into the correct payment cycle, or the repossession of the security, then you can rest assured, you can count on SWA Recovery and Investigation Group. Our secure client login allows you to upload instructions individually or as bulk files. Our team of repossession account managers are trained field agents. They have first-hand experience in resolving and negotiating repossession files.

If your organisation values its reputation and is focused on results, call us today and get the results you want

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    Tim (AIS)

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