Skip Tracing is one of SWA’s specialist areas. Skip Tracing is sometimes referred to as ‘tracing’, ‘missing persons’, or ‘locates’.

Skip tracing is a professional service to locate missing persons or assets. It is a service in which we excel.
There’s no magic involved just intensive database mining, online forensics, tenacity and experience.

People need to be found for various reasons. They may be required as a witness in court proceedings, be a missing family member or delinquent debtor. Lately, the restrictive nature of privacy laws is making the task increasingly difficult.

Here at SWA, we understand the need for privacy, but we also understand and sympathise with our clients’ need to be able to contact people. Clearly, there are many reasons for both legitimate commercial and private reasons.

Consequently, SWA has invested heavily to provide our clients with every legally available skip tracing tool and database on the market. As a result, when this is combined with skip tracing team’s exceptional investigation techniques, you will quickly realise why a high percentage of other agencies use SWA to conduct skip tracing on their behalf.

Bear in mind that SWA does not endorse illegal searching activities. Clients can be assured that every legal avenue will be used to complete their instructions and within budgetary constraints.

At SWA, we are of the belief that if we cannot find the people or assets we are asked to locate, they will not be found by legal means. (ABC radio interview with Steve)

Guarantee: A located address is guaranteed for 28 days as of the date of our report unless we advise otherwise .e.g. in the case where the subject/s move is imminent. A located address is either a work or residential address.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose SWA to conduct Skip Tracing?

We have a fantastic success rate and are often asked to assist other companies within our industry to locate missing persons and assets. We are not debt collectors pretending to offer “skip tracing” as an additional service, but have a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to look after your requirements. We provide you with the most information possible, including verified addresses and phone numbers, email addresses and social media information. Our skip tracers and investigators are the best

Is my search information confidential?

Absolutely. Our search skip tracers & investigators are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. All of your information is sealed and private. Your information is discussed with no one but you. Your Subject will never know that we’re searching for him or her.

Why are other people offering locates NO RESULT NO FEES?

Please feel free to use these companies first, and when you get frustrated with the results – call us. Actually, online “People Finder” websites and databases are our best advertisement. Many of our clients come to us after being disappointed with the “general” results that they get. We know what it takes to be thorough and accurate. We don’t simply plug in a name in a public records file, and then bill you, nor do we use the so-called “locator data bases” software that claim to locate everybody.

Can I actually speak to a search Skip Tracer or the investigators?

Certainly! Simply call our office for your free and confidential consultation with one of our search specialists. Or fill out our Secure online Inquiry Form. Alternatively, simply shoot us an email to: and let us know what we can do to help you.

I need information right away. How long does it take to get results?

We know that this information is important to you and strive to provide you with timely, ACCURATE information. If we run into difficulties, we’ll always provide you with a new time frame. If it’s vitally important that you need the information within hours – the best thing to do is call our office on 1300 557 864, but please be aware urgent matters attract an urgency fee.

I need some rather confidential information on a Subject. What exactly are the types of searches you perform?

Good question. We find people – accurate and verified addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. We also provide Background Reports including assets, businesses, criminal history, etc. We understand that some people simply do not wish to be found and do whatever they can to avoid people like us (and you). Therefore, depending on your instructions, we’ll also find their close relatives (names, addresses, and telephone numbers), and probable friends and flatmates.

How much will the search REALLY cost me?

All skip traces (locating people) are quoted on an individual bases. Your cost will depend on the type of information that you provide us to begin the search. Previous addresses, telephone numbers and DOB’s are very helpful. If your Subject is married, we’ll usually skip trace both of them for just the singular cost. Background/Asset locations are billed on a similar basis

Just who is SWA?

Go ahead and click on our webpage page. You might be surprised to find that we’re real people with real names and telephone numbers – and actually provide that information on our website.

Do you have a guarantee?

Of course. Here’s how we operate: You contact us with a request for whatever type of search you’re looking for, we provide our quote for the investigation and if accepted the money is paid in advance (This is for private clients only). We immediately acknowledge receipt of the request and then start our enquiries. Once our enquiries are completed, we send you an email to you letting you know. Unless otherwise advised, we guarantee our information for 28 days. It’s that simple.

Skip Tracing

  • Having you guys working with us is like having our own magic fairies. You just make stuff happen!

    Alicia Hickey, Shine Lawyers

  • We are continually amazed at the results SWA gets on our Mortgage files. We so often have Defendant disappear due to a short falls on the sales of the properties… Read More

    SB – Senior Associate, Denton

  • SWA conducted a background investigation on a senior partner and shareholder on a publically listed company. The result was simply the best investigation I have had done on any matter…. Read More

    MP – Partner, Mason Black lawyers

  • Your team gets 10 gold stars! Well done on the 100% KPIs of the last 18 months, super amazing effort! Please pass on our thanks to your team.

    Sharni Thomas (GM – Field Service, Probe Group)

  • Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you at SWA especially to you, Pat in finding my daughter who I had no contact details for over the last… Read More

    Hon Sing MAH (Eric) Private Client

  • Yep! we are super happy with that result as well, good work!

    Tim (AIS)

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