When a debt is subject to a SWA Payment Agreement the chances of not recovering payment or incidental costs is vastly reduced

Sometimes you can’t get blood out of a stone. In these instances making a reasonable Payment Agreement is usually a far better result than taking Legal Action and trying to enforce a Court Judgment, especially when the Payment Agreement incorporates our unique SWA Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions.

When a debtor asks for time to pay, subject to your acceptance of a Payment Plan Offer, we are able to quickly make a binding Payment Agreement between you and the debtor incorporating our copyright protected SWA Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions. These agreements are made electronically following the submission by the debtor of a Payment Plan Offer via an exclusive online portal and subsequent acceptance by you and are usually binding within 24 hours of the offer being received.

If a debtor breaches a SWA Payment Agreement enforcement and recovery becomes much simpler and more certain.


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Benefits of Payment Plan Offers via our Portal

By directing debtors who want to enter into a Payment Agreement to submit their proposal via our online Payment Plan Offer portal the offer will come complete with the following:

  • Disclosure of the debtor’s (and where the debtor is a company, the directors’) financial circumstances,
  • The debtor’s consent and agreement enabling you to obtain a Credit Report in relation to the debtor should you want further information to assess whether to accept the payment plan offered, and
  • An irrevocable offer to enter into a SWA Payment Agreement on the basis of the payment plan offered.


Benefits of SWA Payment Agreements

When a debt is subject to a SWA Payment Agreement you will have:

  • A written acknowledgement of liability for the debt and a release from any claims that the debtor may have against your business. If legal action becomes necessary in future, the debt cannot then be disputed. This will mean that significant legal costs involved in defended Court proceedings can be avoided.
  • You will have security for payment of the debt, including a personal guarantee where the debtor is a company, security over real property (land) and security over personal property under the Personal Property Securities Act.
  • A legal right to future interest at any appropriate commercial rate.
  • A legal right to recover legal and debt collection costs in the event of any default.
  • A right to payment of the balance of the debt and interest on demand where there is any default or otherwise after six (6) months.


SWA payment Agreements as a Service

Our clients who have benefited from our SWA Payment Agreements can attest to significant value of our approach.

In fact, as a result of demand for our clients to be able to introduce their debtors directly to their own branded Payment Plan Offer portals, we now offer our SWA Payment Agreement Solution as a Service.

What you get:

  • An exclusive branded Payment Plan Offer portal that can be set up via our website or your own.
  • A licence to use our unique copyright protected SWA Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions.
  • A template email to be sent to debtors who have indicated that they need time to pay off a debt.
  • A discount of 10% off our commission that otherwise would have applied to the collection of the debt.

If you have one or more debtors on a payment arrangement at the moment, this is for you. Call or email us for more information.


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