Some 12 months ago SWA were referred an investigation/skip tracing file by a financial institution that had been in the hands of one of Australia’s largest debt recovery companies.  The debt was in excess of $100k.  The collection company that the financial institution used outsourced the file to their normal field agents and skip tracing firms to locate the defendant.

None of the agencies used could locate or serve the defendant and after 6 months closed the file and returned it to the bank.

SWA were then asked to make one final effort to locate the defendant before the bank wrote the debt off.  We insisted on the bank providing us with all of the information they held, including previous agents’ reports and attempts to serve the documents and collection notes and contracts.  It took us some 6 – 8 weeks to identify that the debtor had moved to Western Australia and was working on a large oil and gas project.  Not only did we locate his residential address but we located his complete employment details.

The defendant was so surprised he had been found he settled the debt some two weeks later in full.  Suffice to say the bank was extremely happy as they did not have to pay any commission on the debt to the debt collection company.

This file is a prime example of why it is important to give your skip tracers and investigators all available data, regardless of whether you consider it obsolete or irrelevant, for them to be able to build a background on an individual and this is also why a good skip tracing firm can be more valuable to you than a collection company.

Always ensure that original addresses and data are provided to your investigators and skip tracers to ensure the correct person is located.


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    Tim (AIS) April 2017

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  • Your team gets 10 gold stars! Well done on the 100% KPIs of the last 18 months, super amazing effort! Please pass on our thanks to your team.

    Sharni Thomas (GM – Field Service, Probe Group) May 17

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